Would You Pay $50 To Watch Newly Released Films…In Your Home?

Toronto, ON, Canada / Radio Glendon

What’s Better? Watching Movies at Home…. Or Going to the Theatre?

For 50 bucks, Sean Parker (who you may know best as the Napster co-founder) wants to bring new movies, fresh off the  You may be thinking how this could benefit you. Well, for one or two people this might be a little pricey… BUT for a family or gathering of 4 or 5 people… Even more, this could save you some serious cash.

His new project is called ‘the Screening Room’ and it would allow users to pay to watch movies from home on the same day they’re released. The films would cost $50 per view, as long as you have the set-up box which would cost you back $150.

What do you think about this new project? Would you buy into it or do you want to stick with the  classic movie-goer experience?


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