Ed is back and better than ever?

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What do math, magnets and a castle have in common?

If you guessed physics, you’re funny! But wrong!

You may have heard those lyrics in some of Ed Sheeran’s new music, Shape of You and Castle on the hill. Or heard about his upcoming album called Divide. On Friday, Ed Sheeran broke Spotify’s record of most downloaded song within a week of it’s release, but is it worth all the hype? Many loyal Sheeran fans anxiously waited over a year to hear new music from the British artist. They finally got their fill on January 6th when the red haired smooth singer released not one, but two new singles.

One song, Shape of You soared to the top of the music charts while Castle on the Hill stayed close behind. It seems that fans can’t get enough of these two songs, but some say they miss Ed Sheeran’s older songs.

While the singer keeps his signature rhythmic beat in both songs, the two songs have very different styles. Castle on the hill, an homage to the singer’s hometown sticks to the familiar Ed Sheeran sound while Shape of You immediately makes you want to move to it’s hypnotic dance rhythm. While the songs are very good and satisfying to the average fan’s thirsty musical appetite, Ed Sheeran can definitely make better music. We’ve heard more from the artist before and these two songs fit at a good spot under songs like Thinking Out Loud, Photograph and The A Team. Although, these songs are a promising sign of his album Divide, which will be released in March 3rd, 2017.

Until then, we haven’t gotten extremely tired of Shape Of You and Castle on the Hill just yet.

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