Manager Position Breakdown

The management team is in charge of making sure that Radio Glendon is fully operational. They are also in charge of helping to guide the executives in whichever direction they need. It is your responsibility to keep the connections strong between our organization and the other clubs and levy groups on campus as well as keep our internal connections strong.

Duties Include:

  • Creating yearly budgets
  • Coordinating executive tasks
  • Attending all schedule office hours per week
  • Attend SOR meetings
  • Prepare and make sure transition binders are up     to date
  • Pay bills
  • Maintaining good relations with campus club and     levy orgs
  • Assist executives in completing their goals


Show Host/Music Industry Coordinator Position Breakdown

The Show Host Coordinator is responsible for maintaining strong communication lines between the Radio Glendon Executive team and its show hosts. As our Music Industry Representative, you are responsible for managing and improving our connections with the music industry; whether with record labels, bands, music magazines, radio stations, or others.

Duties Include:

  • Schedule all show’s within the office hours of     executives and make sure it gets onto the website
  • Fill RGL show quota’s
  • Recruit show hosts when possible (at least once     per semester)
  • Upkeep communication with show host and the     executive team
  • Listen to all incoming music and share music with     the show hosts
  • Track listenership from each show; devise system     with executives on how to get this information


Events Coordinator Position Breakdown

The event coordinator is in charge of planning and executing various promotional and music-related events to support Radio Glendon and its ever-growing community.

Duties Include:

  • Planning and executing various events for Radio Glendon
  • Coordinating with clubs and levy Orgs
  • Designing, printing, posting, and removing Radio Glendon’s posters



The translator is responsible for translating material from English to French and vice versa. The translator requires verbal and written efficiency in both English and French.

Duties Include:

•   reading through original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained

•   proofreading and editing final translated versions


Social Media Executive

The social media executive is responsible for maintaining all Radio Glendon’s social media accounts. They must be comfortable speaking in public and promoting Radio Glendon through word of mouth.

Duties Include:

•   Developing a social media strategy

•   Creating daily content for FB, instagram and twitter

•   Updating and maintaining

•   Promoting Radio Glendon through the Student Newsletter, Pro Tem, and any other outlet